Highly affordable end-to-end encryption that secures your confidential email data as an encrypted attachment before it even leaves your device.

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  • True P2P encryption
  • FIPS 140-2 certified
  • Set access time
  • Prevent print/copy/save

Device Level Encryption is better

ForcEncrypt gives you true peer to peer encrypted delivery.

ForcEncryptTM lets you safely send encrypted email containing corporate and financial data, personal info, legal docs, medical records, and more anywhere in the world. Rather than encrypting in the cloud (like most solutions), ForcEncrypt secures your data when you hit send—before it leaves your device. ForcEncrypt’s Device Level Encryption means your data is never “up for grabs” as it travels through cyberspace.

Encrypted emails go straight from sender device to recipient device and are never decrypted along the way. Only sender-defined recipients have the ability to decrypt, view, and send an encrypted reply on their device through the ForcEncrypt app.

We, and especially our users, have been EXTREMELY happy with the quality of services through Mailprotector. We recently tried another solution from our ISP but quickly switched back because we found it to be far inferior. Bobby | Brentwood Baptist

Total control over your data

With Digital Rights Management (DRM) you get real control over your content


Access rights provide users with the ability to ensure not only that specific individuals can gain access to their content, but when and for how long they can access it. Choose the date/time window during which the content may be viewed, and even revoke recipient access completely.


Usage rights provide users of ForcEncrypt with the capability to apply usage controls to their emails and attachments. Users who choose to apply DRM to an email can prevent printing, copying, forwarding, or saving of the email or it's attachments.

Outlook add-in

Enables a single-location encryption experience

Outlook users can install an Add-in that integrates ForcEncrypt with the email client. Because of the tight integration between this plugin and Outlook, some special Outlook-only features are available. Outlook users benefit from features such as choosing DRM settings on sent messages, decryption of received messages, managment of multiple accounts and more... all from within Outlook.

The email encryption solution that has it all

Satisfies regulatory compliance

Uses government-approved, FIPS-compliant algorithms and FIPS-listed encryption engine.

It's affordable

ForcEncrypt costs a mere fraction of competing products cost (seriously it's low).

Supports desktop and mobile platforms

Windows 10, 8, 7, or Vista, Mac OS X 10.10+, Apple iOS 8+, Android 4+

Outlook integration

Send and receive encrypted email seamlessly in Outlook 2016, 2013 and 2010.

Scaleable deployment

Encryption for a single user, department or throughout the entire organization.

Compatible with attachments

ForcEncrypt even encrypts and secures your email attachments (images, docs, audio, video, and zip files).

It is an absolute pleasure presenting Mailprotector to our clients knowing the quality of service and support we can guarantee them. I look forward to growing our business relationship and will confidently recommend your product to everyone. Thank you again.Steven | Accellis Technology Group