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Summer 2024 Release Overview

  1. New Threat Detection Engine and Spam Scoring Levels
  2. New Customizable DMARC Enforcement
  3. New Impersonation Attack Detection

Bringing Shield’s Innovation Forward to CloudFilter

This summer, we are bringing a series of modern enhancements to CloudFilter, backed by Shield technology. These updates are part of our continued commitment to providing you with the latest innovations for threat mitigation so you can stay ahead of the curve. 

New Threat Detection Engine and Spam Scoring Levels 

The first innovation brought to CloudFilter from Shield is a new threat detection engine. This advanced engine significantly expands our ability to identify and neutralize email-based threats using high-performance message evaluation algorithms. These algorithms analyze the message characteristics and content to generate a probabilistic threat score. This intelligent engine is also continually trained on new data and can adapt quickly, protecting users from the latest attacks.  

Inside the product, you will now see three new spam classification categories: obvious spam, spam, and possible spam. The sensitivity of each of these categories can be tuned within CloudFilter to give you complete control. The first two categories are designed to stop higher probability threats. By default, obvious spam will be held in the quarantine and not included in message reviews. Spam will be held in the quarantine and included in message reviews. And finally, the possible spam category allows you to quiet the noise caused by graymail. It will contribute to the message quality score by default but not trigger a quarantine alone. 

Spam CloudFilter Email Security Mailprotector

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New Customizable DMARC Enforcement

Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) plays a pivotal role in helping to prevent email spoofing and phishing by verifying the authenticity of the sender’s domain. DMARC also fosters trust among email recipients, ensuring that messages originate from verified sources.  

Later in July, we will release a new tunable DMARC enforcement feature. By default, you will have the most secure DMARC posture, which you can customize to suit your customers’ needs. With these enhancements, we are taking a significant step forward in improving security and reducing phishing and spoofing attempts.  

New Impersonation Attack Detection

Email impersonation attacks leverage detailed knowledge about an organization to execute sophisticated social engineering tactics. These attacks can result in CEO fraud, business email compromise, and supply chain compromise. Given the focus on tricking users, they are especially hard to detect and prevent.   

In August, we are releasing a new security layer designed to identify and prevent email impersonation attacks. This layer utilizes knowledge about the customer organization and email behaviors to accurately identify these dangerous threats and stop them. 

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