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Secure and budget-friendly business email hosting that has all the essential features

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Email security included

Security is seamlessly integrated so there’s nothing to install or maintain.

Massive 25 GB mailboxes

You’ll never have to worry about getting those “inbox full” messages!

Flexible access options

Email from any client via POP3/IMAP, or from our sleek webmail console.

Save money with split-domains

Not everyone needs all of the email hosting features of Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, so Mailprotector lets you split domains into groups. People who email a lot can keep using the more expensive secure email hosting, but those who don’t use it as much (factory floor workers, temps, interns, etc.) can be split into their own group and put on CloudMail. It’s one great way that Mailprotector helps MSPs work more efficiently with better margins.

Split domains

Everything business email users need

Robust email security included

Messages flowing through CloudMail’s secure hosted email are first filtered for the latest spam and malware attacks, then the good email is delivered to your inbox. Don’t bother with managing your junk mail any more. With cloud mail security by CloudMail, your inbox stays neat and tidy.

Contacts and calendars

CloudMail keeps your contacts in sync via CardDAV protocol and lets users keep up with the team with calendars that sync up using CalDAV.

Sync via POP3/IMAP, or use webmail

Keep your email in sync on any email client with syncing via POP3 and IMAP. CloudMail syncing is easy to set up and allows for you to manage your messages in the environment where you do your best work. CloudMail’s IMAP email hosting also includes feature rich webmail access.

25 GB of ample storage space

Just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean it’s small! CloudMail inboxes are nicely proportioned with a surprising 25GB of storage to keep your flowing without those annoying “inbox full” messages or bounce notifications.

CloudMail makes essential email features accessible to the whole team

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Common email hosting questions

How much inbox storage does Mailprotector have?

CloudMail is a business email hosting platform that has 25GB mailboxes, so storage capacity should never be an issue.

Can I sync my email with my contacts and calendar?

CloudMail supports contact and calendar sync via standard protocols CardDAV and CalDAV, respectively. Most email clients support these standards today.

Do I have to exclusively use the CloudMail client to send emails?

Mailprotector flexibly allows you to use your preferred email client. The CloudMail secure email hosting tool offers a way to save money on users who may not have as big of a need for email as others in the organization.

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