Email Security Best Practices for MSPs eBook Cover by Mailprotector

Email Security Best Practices for MSPs

 Throughout this eBook, you’ll explore a comprehensive set of best practices that any MSP can employ to fortify their clients’ email defenses. From encryption and authentication protocols to employee training and threat detection, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to better serve as a trusted security advisor.
Helping your clients understand and follow these best practices will help your MSP demonstrate its commitment to mitigating their cyber risks — a factor that can influence insurers to offer more favorable terms and coverage options, and help you sell more types of email security products. ✅ Yes, please!

A friendly Mailprotector team member will walk you through the email products we offer while highlighting many of the main reasons MSPS love Mailprotector, including:

  • Bracket – easiest encryption on the market
  • Dedicated account manager – helps your business grow
  • Unlimited support – 100% U.S. based team

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