Keep the phishing bait at bay

Email is the #1 tactic hackers use. Ensure better protection by keeping phishermen at bay.

Consolidate your anti-phishing, anti-spam, and anti-virus software

Let’s face it. You have a full stack of IT security products to manage for your base of users. For you to continue to be an effective email security expert, you need to decrease the amount of time spent on mailbox management and complex email solutions that create help desk tickets.

CloudFilter gives your users clutter-free, easy to use tools they need to win the war on phishing and minimize wasted time.

Focus on protecting users so they never even see the bait

Phishing attacks are increasing every year. And because Because phishing, malware, and ransomware aren’t going away anytime soon, we recommend you invest in an all-in-one spam, virus, and phishing prevention tool.  
This will help you stay ahead of the latest scams and keep hackers out of your users’ devices and networks.
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Earn customer trust as the email security expert, but don't fight alone

Don’t let a successful cyberattack happen on your watch. Instead, take the necessary steps to secure your end users with an anti-phishing product designed specifically for MSPs and MSSPs by a US-based company who specializes in email security. Schedule a CloudFilter Demo or contact your Partner Growth Manager today.

Learn from the pros

Interested in learning more about fighting the fight against phishing? Keep reading! We’ve curated a collection of our most helpful anti-phishing tips to help you keep your customers safe from attacks.

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