Bracket Downloads

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Bracket Spec Sheet

Bracket is our surprisingly easy to use encrypted email that requires no plugins or apps. Just wrap brackets around the [subject] in any email client on any device, and Bracket handles the rest.

But don’t be fooled by Bracket’s user-friendly experience. Under the hood Bracket uses military-grade standards like AES-256 encryption design with automatic key rotation, geolocation, and advanced device fingerprinting. Download the spec sheet for detailed security and usability info.

Bracket Share Examples

See how Bracket Share can revolutionize the way people safely share sensitive data. Bracket Share empowers everyone with secure, standards-compliant file transfer that’s every bit as easy to use as Bracket encrypted email.

Every Bracket user gets their very own Bracket Share file transfer landing page with a unique Share link. Giving their share link to a trusted contact allows them to securely share encrypted files up to 1GB at any time. Check out the PDF to see specific examples of how this can be used.

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