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  • Our Partner Success team leader was an MSP
  • We have former MSPs on staff
  • When our phone rings, we expect to be speaking to an MSP or an MSSP, and we’re ready to help!
  • We have a Partner Advisory Council consisting of some of the most successful MSPs in the market, and we put a high value on the insights they bring to the table
  • Best of all, we won’t compete with you because we are 100% channel-exclusive.
Built for partners

Bracket is the easiest, most secure encryption on the market

No one else can do email encryption like us because we literally hold the patent for it. Our Bracket email encryption tool is so easy to use, your grandmother could figure it out. Simply wrap the subject line in brackets and your email is encrypted.

Bracket holds up to compliance standards like HIPAA and works on any device, platform, or client. Plus, with our password-free sign in, you don’t have to bother with password reset requests.

Bracket email encryption

Beautifully-engineered console

Because Mailprotector is custom-built for MSPs, our management console is functionally designed from the ground up to save our partners time and money every single day.

You can securely manage users and all email security functions across your organizations from a single access point, and even setup is a piece of cake.

mailprotector cloudfilter dashboard screenshot

Everything email security. 100% Channel.

Mailprotector logo

Mailprotector has the complete email security platform your users need. Our products cover all three comprehensive pillars: email security, email privacy, and email encryption. Sure, you could contact us, but our products are best represented in a demo.

Bracket email encryption

Email Encryption

Easy to use email encryption with no plugins or apps. Bracket has turned using email encryption from dread to delight. Just wrap brackets around the [subject] in any email client on any device, and Bracket handles the rest.

Bracket now includes Share, our secure file transfer service, for every user at no additional cost.

CloudFilter Total Email Security with Phishing Protection

Email Filtering

Total email security that filters all the junk people don’t want. CloudFilter delivers full-stack protection from annoying spam and crippling email-based ransomware and phishing attacks in a way that’s effective, efficient, and easy to use.

SafeSend Enhanced Outbound

Email Compliance

Prevents spam proliferation and keeps damaging or sensitive data from being leaked via email. SafeSend expands beyond CloudFilter’s outbound filtering by giving greater control over outbound email traffic with custom content rules and more.

XtraMail Logo

Email Continuity

It’s like a spare tire for an email server. With XtraMail, your customers have 24/7 access to an affordable, always on, copy of their last 30 days of email. When their email servers go down, users can login to XtraMail’s webmail and keep emailing from the same address.

SecureStore Email Archiving

Email Archiving

Hassle-free cloud-based email archiving with absolutely no storage and retention limits! SecureStore keeps businesses legal and safe by storing copy of all incoming, outgoing, and internal email. Users and managers can access the mail archive anytime to search and send stored mail.

CloudMail Secure Hosted Email

Email Hosting

CloudMail lets partners offer an affordable yet robust option. CloudMail is our business-class email which includes contacts and calendar features. It can be accessed from the webmail console, or via standard syncing options.

Trust the ease & power of a modern secure email gateway.

If your ultimate goal is email security, a modern secure email gateway is the only option. Be wary of feature-bloated email security APIs and outdated SEGs. API point solutions are one trick ponies that are slaves to the latest platform update. They leave MX records exposed and don’t allow you to control the total flow of email. Similarly, the antiquated SEGs aren’t going to provide what you need, either, because many allow their platforms to get outdated.

Mailprotector is a complete email security platform that deploys an SEG to keep the bad stuff out. We stay on top of the latest threats and give you full control over inbound and outbound email routing. Plus you can deploy our complete email security solution in minutes, not hours like other solutions.

Read more about secure email gateways vs. API point solutions

Secure Email Gateway

True win-win partnership

Our partners are awesome. Here’s what some of them have to say about us.

Such a great solution for the email world.
Tim | Results Technology

The best vendor I have ever worked with.
Jarrod | Computer Consultants

The product is absolutely amazing!
Mike | Tekie Geek

You guys have been awesome!
Jake | Digital Office Systems

Fast response as always… thank you!
Mike | Stratix Systems

So easy for partners to use.
Shannon | Martian Systems

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