Make Email a Differentiator for Your MSP Business

It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of email in a business today. The Radicati Group predicts that by 2022, users will send or receive an average of 333 email messages every day, and the total worldwide users will surpass 4.2 billion. Those are staggering numbers for a technology that’s been around nearly as long as the internet.

Email continues to gain users and uses in the business community. While other communication methods such as video chat and instant messaging are becoming popular as well, there is no single system that can replace email and its organizational value. For example, according to the Adobe Email Usage Study, only 35% of work communication takes place over instant messaging, versus 72% on email. That research also estimates that Americans spend more than three hours checking and sending emails every day.

For many MSPs, the ability to deliver those messages seems rather obvious and not necessarily an area for growth or differentiation. However, that statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. Delivering a more effective email solution than your competition is the single most prevalent thing your organization can provide for its clients.

How can your MSP deliver on that promise? The first step is to build out your portfolio of email solutions to heighten the effectiveness and security of these vital systems.

Add Inbound & Outbound Filtering

Every email service has some way to categorize, redirect, or quarantine messages. Think about the spam, viruses, and malware that can get through the cracks without effective filters in place.

Elevate your client’s control with a system that protects sensitive data and stops outside threats around the clock. Mailprotector’s CloudFilter blocks messages containing harmful content or those that violate prescribed company policies. An intuitive web console creates process transparency and makes it easier for your clients to review and release messages quickly.

Providing your clients with outbound filtering capabilities will ensure that their employees don’t share malicious content or sensitive business data. Mailprotector’s SafeSend feature quarantines potentially damaging messages and allows administrators to create custom rules and define what types of content is permitted.

Email Backup & Archiving

Since email harbors so much important information, MSPs must ensure their clients are archiving incoming, outgoing, and internal messages. Mailprotector’s SecureStore makes it easy to preserve data, allowing businesses to protect their intellectual property, recover deleted files, and quickly respond to audit requests.

Every message is saved and indexed for easy and quick retrieval. That’s a valuable tool for your clients that need to address tightening compliance requirements or that regularly deal with records audits or litigation.

Backup systems are just as important. Email communications are crucial for many departments, including sales and support, so a downed server at a critical time could be detrimental to your clients’ productivity and revenue. Mailprotector’s XtraMail is a cloud-based email backup solution that allows your customers to keep working if and whenever those unfortunate failures were to occur. These systems are basically insurance policies that help ensure your clients’ operations are up and running at all times.


Encryption is one of the most surefire ways to protect business data, especially on platforms that are the prime target of cybercriminals. Converting a message containing sensitive information to ciphertext means that only the person with the key can access the information it contains.

The system encoded the message using an advanced algorithm, making it virtually impossible for anyone to hack into the email during or after transmission. Of course, security doesn’t matter if employees won’t use the technology.

Implementing most encryption solutions can be bothersome and difficult for users. However, Mailprotector Bracket simplifies the process with no plugins or applications to install. Users just need to wrap brackets around the subject line of an outgoing message. They can also feel safe knowing their data is secure with features like geolocation sign-ins, one-time-use links, and advanced device fingerprinting.

Up and Away

To truly differentiate your MSP from the competition, go beyond the basics. Offer a complete email solution that addresses all your clients’ security concerns and compliance requirements

Finding a solid value proposition can be difficult but differentiating your email offerings makes that process much easier. It’s a business essential they can’t do without and a solution that your company should be leveraging to grow “wallet share” and profitability.

Differentiate your MSP portfolio today. Contact Mailprotector and let our partner team show you how to turn a ubiquitous offering into a tremendous value proposition.