what if my website was hacked

What to Do if Your Website Was Hacked

First and foremost, you should seek professional cybersecurity remediation assistance. Mailprotector is an email security organization who makes MSPs and outsourced IT professionals better by providing the most complete email security solution on the market. Here, we offer suggestions and advice to those whose website might have been hacked.

  • For a website hack, check with your hosting provider. You may not be the only one if you are using shared hosting.
  • For a website hack, check some of these commonly-hacked files for the hacking source: .htaccess, index.php, header.php, footer.php, function.php. These are top targets because of the nature of their coverage on your site.
  • Change passwords again after the cyberattack has been remediated, as one final step of reassurance.
  • Patch, patch, patch. Make sure all of your plugins and security patches are up to date.
  • If your website was hacked, once safe, restore website backup by uploading an older, uncompromised version of your site to your hosting account. Search for “malware removal” for programs that can help you eradicate the malware from your site.

If Your WordPress Site Was Hacked…

If your website has been hacked and you’re on a WordPress site, WordPress recommends the following for malware scans, which have been around for a long time and have strong community support. First, here’s the WordPress-recommended list of application-based scanners (plugins).

Second, here’s the WordPress-recommended list of remote-based scanners (crawlers):

 Restoration and Next Steps

Once your site has been restored and you’re operational once again, take the time to audit where you might have vulnerabilities. Mailprotector has a vast network of managed service provider partners who specialize in IT security. We would be happy to set you up with an expert who can help you assess where you might have some security gaps.

Problems still remaining after website remediation? Go through additional checklists in our article, “Have I Been Hacked?

Who is Mailprotector?

Mailprotector is an email security, email privacy, and email encryption company whose goal is to provide the best, most complete email security option we can to our base of partners. From where we sit, we see a vast array of businesses jumping into the IT security space because “cybersecurity” is the latest buzzword. Since 2000, we have been patenting, building, and evolving the most secure email security platform available on the market today. Don’t settle for a partial email security solution.

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