Prepare for a Successful 2020 with an Effective Email Continuity Strategy

The current business arena is drastically different from that of even ten years ago. Organizations spread across countries and time zones and communicate mostly online. However, there is one staple of the American business over that time that has remained a constant and increasingly more valuable organizational asset: their email.

Not only does this well-established form of electronic communication remain the primary way of sharing information with clients, prospects, and partners, but it has also become a storehouse for important corporate data and means for transferring files. Highlighting the importance of email is the fact that it is now a heavily regulated methodology, being held to the same standards as written business records.

Even with the rise of new collaboration tools and messaging applications, organizations of every size still place a heavy emphasis on email as their primary form of communication. One could say it is one of the top business essentials today, so much so that even a short amount of downtime can be detrimental to productivity and a company’s bottom line.

How important is it? Providing corporate email access is usually one of the first steps in virtually every organization’s employee onboarding process. It has become the lifeline and information repository that workers rely on to complete their daily (perhaps hourly) tasks. What would you do without it?

After all, employees in the U.S. receive an average of 126 messages each day. When workers no longer receive important communications other areas like productivity, sales opportunities, and even revenue can suffer.

For example, imagine a potential customer sending an email to your client expressing interest in their services and getting a bounce-back message (error, not out of office). The sender may assume the business doesn’t exist and write them off or simply move on to their next option so they’re not wasting more time.

Envision another scenario where you’ve been working with a potential client or partner on a time-sensitive proposal when your email goes down. How easy do you think it will be to complete and successfully win the bid without access to your most trusted form of communication?

The reality is that even a few minutes of downtime can be costly to you and your clients. That’s why having an email continuity plan in place is vital — which starts with an effective backup solution.

Provide Peace of Mind

There is nothing more disruptive in the workplace than something that pauses productivity. When staff get cut off from conversations, there is nothing else to do but wait for a solution and complain to the IT people who support those systems. The longer it takes to fix, the more frustrating and costly it is for everyone (including you).

Imagine how much your clients would appreciate being able to receive and send messages without interruption? Mailprotector allows you to provide that ‘business as usual’ capability.

With XtraMail, you and your clients can relax, knowing there’s an always-on backup email solution ready to kick into gear when the primary systems go down. The technology is always available and running in the background so there’s nothing to turn on when an outage occurs. With a rolling 30-day email backup, the system lets users log in to webmail from any location and ensures that employees can keep working without skipping a beat ‒ while your team addresses the outage issues.

Anytime there is a major disruption, XtraMail gives your IT staff more time to identify and resolve the problems, without the need for temporary fixes or emergency responses in the off-hours. Can you imagine any SMB (or MSP) not wanting that peace of mind?

You can’t always predict server failures and other technical issues. Email continuity is an easy and profitable option that can limit productivity problems when things go bad. Check out Mailprotector’s XtraMail solution today and explore all the MSP opportunities in our partner program.

Not only will your clients appreciate the benefits of these innovative protective measures, but they’ll discover how committed your team is to keep their business running smoothly ‒ no matter what unexpected problems they may encounter. That’s a great way to start off the New Year!