Google Just Gave Every MSP a Great Reason to Sell Encryption

Have you seen the recent news about the upcoming Google Mail update? The Fortune 500 company is, among other things, making an all-out effort to provide an additional level of security (and potentially privacy) to their communications platform. With 1.2 billion email clients worldwide, that will have some impact on security ‒ at least some of the time.

The caveat with new features such as Confidential mode, which allows messages to expire or self-destruct, is that everyone in the communication stream must have a Gmail account. In other words, most commercial users would need to work outside normal business systems to take advantage of this option.

That is definitely good news for MSPs and the organizations they support. Let me elaborate:

1. Google is clearly stating it sees the need for a more secure email environment

Channel professionals are no longer the only ones trying to convince people that cybercriminals and compliance are serious concerns, and investments may be required to neutralize their vulnerabilities.

2. While Google’s move is impactful and laudable, these “updates” will not solve the problems most SMBs encounter

That job still belongs to the MSP community. SMBs need experienced tech professionals who understand how their organizations work and the types of issues they encounter ‒ and deliver business-class solutions to keep them productive and profitable. No one communicates solely on the Google platform, especially businesses, and that limitation of the company’s new features may not be clear to prospective users. Your clients deserve and secure email all the time, regardless of the platforms they use.

3. For MSPs who haven’t actively started selling encrypted email solutions, there is no better time to get started.

Google’s news provides an opening for you to get those client conversations underway. Here are a few easy-to-follow steps that should boost your success selling email encryption solutions:

  • Check out this YouTube video on Bracket email encryption.
  • Reach out to the Mailprotector team for more details and channel partner pricing. Unlike direct companies, we won’t disclose your cost in public forums. Mailprotector’s route to market is exclusively channel, and we designed the income opportunity for MSP businesses like yours.
  • In additional to being incredibly secure, Bracket is really easy to use. The simplicity will make a real impression on you, as well as your clients, their customers, and everyone else who receives messages using this encryption service.

How do we know users love it? A link at the bottom of the message page allows recipients of Bracket emails to request more information…and they often do.

The great news is that when they click that link, our team doesn’t reach out directly. Our channel partners receive a notification and the contact information for those inquiries. The sales opportunity belongs to you, not Mailprotector. You get to land new clients. You can sell them Bracket as well as the rest of your suite of services. 

We build products that benefit our channel partners and the businesses they support. It’s what we do. Unlike many Fortune 500 companies, our focus is entirely on MSPs like you.