Mailprotector Awarded Second Email Encryption Patent

Mailprotector, the global cloud-based B2B email security, compliance, and encryption company, announced today that it was awarded U.S. Patent No. 11184337B2 for the email encryption technology that supports its Bracket Share offering.

Bracket Share is Mailprotector’s encrypted file transfer service. It is an expansion of Bracket, Mailprotector’s award-winning email encryption product. Bracket Share enables Bracket users to send recipients to a secure file transfer page. Recipients can then communicate in an encrypted manner by way of the shared page. Bracket Share is included with any Bracket purchase.

“The whole reason we got into this business was to create new, inventive ways for people to use email security,” said Mailprotector CEO David Setzer. “The fingerprints of our partners and team are all over this patent. This milestone is evidence of our motivation to create unique and expanded ways for MSPs and IT professionals to do business. Our partners can be assured that they are offering something to their end users that no one else can provide.”

This is the second patent Mailprotector has received on its email encryption technology. The first was U.S. Patent No.10708244 for Bracket, a system and method for email encryption, storage, and transmission of digital information. The recent patent was issued on November 23, 2021.

Mailprotector CTO Ben Hathaway stated, “In today’s world, businesses have to worry about cyber threats. Our mission is to help our partners keep their users ahead of the cyber criminals with world class email security technology. Rather than just saying we are innovative, we work hard to live innovation out as an action. We are not finished, either. There will be more patents to come in the near future.”

Mailprotector partner Luke Popejoy made a comment about the patent news, as well.

“At Integrity Computers, we seek to free our clients from IT management so they can focus on what makes their business successful,” commented President of North Carolina-based Integrity Computers Luke Popejoy. “We deliver our users some of the most secure, yet hassle-free solutions on the market. Mailprotector continues to help us fulfill that promise with solutions like Bracket – one of the most secure, but reliable email encryption solutions in today’s market.”

About Mailprotector

Founded in 2000, Mailprotector is a SaaS-based B2B email security, compliance, and encryption platform delivered exclusively through a network of global IT partners. Offerings include anti-spam, anti-phishing, email continuity, email archiving, and business-class hosted email solutions. Additionally, Mailprotector is the creator of a patented and award-winning email encryption tool, Bracket. More information is available at