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New Feature: Gradient MSP Integration

We have previously provided ConnectWise and Autotask integrations which allow for partners to synchronize their billing and service counts with these Professional Service Automations (PSAs). License counts are automatically fed to the PSA from the partner’s Mailprotector invoice, which has proven to be an extremely valuable time saving tool for the partners who use these PSAs.

Why integrate with Gradient MSP?

As new PSAs emerge we have found that it’s not sustainable to tailor-make an integration for each and every PSA. We have continued to receive feedback though requesting integrations to these new services as they emerge. This is where Gradient steps in. Gradient provides the ability to synchronize with a variety of PSAs and consolidate the count updates from each of those automations into a common interface.

What does the software integration do?

Over the past few months we have worked with Gradient to build an integration to their service, which in turn will provide us the ability to synchronize counts with each PSA the partner integrates to through Gradient. Currently Gradient natively interfaces with 8 PSAs (ConnectWise, Autotask, Kaseya BMS, Syncro, HaloPSA, Pulseway, Tigerpaw, and Accelo), and this list will continue to grow as time goes on.
Services in Gradient are mapped to corresponding products/bundles in Mailprotector

Once products/bundles in Mailprotector are mapped to corresponding services in Gradient, counts will be automatically updated with each synchronization between Mailprotector, Gradient, and the PSAs. This can provide significant time savings for partners by allowing them to reconcile counts from multiple services in a single interface.

As Mailprotector, Gradient, and any connected PSAs synchronize, counts are updated and can be reconciled

As a note, Gradient is free to use for the first PSA, so this is a great opportunity for partners to begin using it even if they only use Connectwise or Autotask currently.

Secondary Wins with Gradient MSP Software Integration

During the course of development and testing of this integration, we’ve had the opportunity to add several quality of life features to billing and integrations:

  1. Invoices can now be manually reprocessed from the Mailprotector console, rather than partners needing to wait for the overnight job to update the invoice. This feature has also been made available to partner manager accounts, which will help reduce support load.
  2. Similarly, it is now possible to manually rerun the count update for an integration rather than needing to wait for the overnight job. This was originally created to expedite our QA process, but we saw that it has plenty of applications for live troubleshooting of the integrations in production as well. This functionality is already available for Gradient, and is also being added to our ConnectWise and Autotask integrations.
View our support article about integrating Gradient MSP Billable

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