Mailprotector Now Integrates with Gradient MSP’s Synthesize Alerts

Mailprotector Email Security Alerts in Gradient MSP
Gradient’s Synthesize platform continues to expand its integration library for MSPs (Managed Services Providers) with new integrations from Mailprotector announced in March 2023.
“This is such a good news story for MSPs – new integrations not only expand the options MSPs have to make their back-offices function more effectively, but they further demonstrate the confidence that the vendor community has in the value Synthesize offers their partners,” says Colin Knox, CEO and Co-Founder of Gradient MSP. “We’re excited to welcome Mailprotector back to the platform with their Alerts integration.”
Mailprotector was the first integration with Gradient MSP. This integration automates the billing reconciliation process for MSPs, making it easier to guarantee you’re getting paid for the email security services you charge for. We are all about EASY at Mailprotector, so this integration was a no-brainer. If we can make our MSP Partner’s lives easier, we jump on it. That’s what our new Alerts integration will do, make your life easier.
“When we see vendors expanding their presence on Synthesize, we know we’re on the right path, making MSPs’ lives easier and helping vendors differentiate their businesses for those MSPs. Win-win!” says Colin Knox.
The automation offered by the Alerts Module simplifies another process that is often manual and can be error-prone: alert monitoring. We wanted to be a part of getting rid of monitoring multiple consoles, email addresses, and more to stay on top of the alerts vendors generate.  With Alerts by Gradient MSP, you can now see the relevant alerts in a standardized format within your PSA, which can then be easily converted to tickets as required. Automating alert triage changes the game for MSPs – no more alert fatigue and calls from customers about missed alerts.

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