Shield Email Control by Mailprotector

Mailprotector Officially Launches Newest Email Security Solution That Reimagines Email and Redefines Email Security


Mailprotector®, a SaaS-based cybersecurity leader in email security, announced today the official launch of its newest security solution for total email control – Shield™.

In the modern digital landscape, email has become the most common threat vector in cybersecurity, which has led many security vendors to offer an overload of features and add-ons that don’t directly hit the core issue. Recognizing this as a major security flaw and cybersecurity problem, Mailprotector has embarked on a journey to reimagine the email experience and redefine the email security industry.

A first-of-its-kind email security solution, Shield connects and unlocks the never-before-seen powers of a modern email gateway with advanced API technology, protecting emails both in transit and at rest. Mailprotector’s patented Apex Email Security Framework makes all this possible, seamlessly enhancing your protection, privacy, and productivity inside your inbox.

Shield is designed with a philosophy that many email tools often lack – the human-centric experience – and stands out from an industry often dominated by technical jargon and complex interfaces while delivering an email security experience that is clear and enjoyable for all users. Shield’s integration with Microsoft 365® allows you to use Office 365® without having to change your email habits. There’s no need to adapt to a new platform, download anything, or install apps.

“We want email to be a tool that makes you more productive, not less,” said Mailprotector’s Chief Technology Officer, Ben Hathaway. “Shield is designed to silence the noise we all feel with email. It’s like having noise-cancelling headphones for your inbox, putting the user back in control.”

Hosted by Ben Hathaway on November 14th & November 16th

One of the core elements of Shield is its zero-trust approach to guarding your inbox and preventing the intrusion of unwanted emails. Shield will actively build your trust network, intuitively constructing connections based on your email usage patterns, and continue to learn from your daily usage. This network operates in the background, creating a focused email experience where only wanted emails come to the forefront.

Privacy is paramount, and Shield takes it seriously. It’s not an add-on; it’s baked in, safeguarding your sensitive emails at rest and introducing an additional layer of protection from burner addresses to removing all spy trackers, with the ability to lock and protect messages inside your inbox. Gone are the days when hackers and spammers could readily access your personal information.

Shield takes it even further, allowing you to get X-ray vision into your emails with insights that offer a valuable perspective on email contents via its intuitive heads-up display (HUD), promoting a transparent email viewing experience. It enhances email visibility, allowing you to see inside emails and gain insights into their origin, authenticity, tracking, and more, taking sandboxing to a whole new level.

Shield by Mailprotector is poised to lead the charge in reimagining email security and giving you back control of your inbox. It’s a product that aspires to elevate your email experience, making it more accessible and user-centric, allowing for more work to get done. Shield lets you experience email as it was originally intended.

“The problem with email security is that we have been fighting a losing battle because we’ve been fighting the wrong side of asymmetric warfare,” said David Setzer, CEO of Mailprotector.

“Email started as a closed network. We trusted everyone using it. Everything changed when the protocol became open. For the past 30 years, the email security industry has been fighting with the assumption that the network is closed, assuming everything is good, and then we have been trying to figure out what is bad. Not anymore. This is the fundamental philosophical change that we have in Shield. Permission is required, and trust is earned.”

Dedicated to serving the Managed Service Providers (MSP) community for over two decades, Mailprotector designed, developed, and engineered Shield to break away from the conventional email security approach, providing a fresh perspective on email.

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