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Mailprotector’s new product Shield, announced in September, applies the zero trust principle of permission-based access to email security, a fresh approach to the issue built on the three pillars of protection, privacy, and productivity. The intent is to give users control over what gets to their inbox, and when, while blocking all unwanted and malicious content.

“Shield is the most capable email security platform we’ve ever created,” says Ben Hathaway, Chief Technology Officer at Mailprotector, a channel-only cybersecurity company.

Taking a new look at an old problem and leveraging two decades of experience is nothing new for Mailprotector. It’s the same approach the vendor took with its patented Bracket email encryption solution, according to Hathaway.

“Every single email security product has been fighting a losing battle. They’re built on the wrong foundation—an assumption that goes back to the creation of the SMTP protocol. It’s an open protocol built for a closed, trusted network. That assumption means the attack vectors are nearly infinite,” he says.

Mailprotector decided to flip that paradigm and address not only email security and privacy but also lost productivity due to the “noise” of emails hitting users’ inboxes throughout the day and the need to manage spam and other junk mail.

Shield will eliminate phishing attempts and “deliver a one-of-a-kind email experience bringing calm back to your inbox”, Hathaway says.

A year in development, Shield is tightly integrated with Office 365 and will learn quickly who you are as an email user and then disappear into the background, which is exactly what you want this type of product to do.

Shield combines all your email activity, in transit at the gateways and at rest in your inbox, creating a comprehensive picture of the email intelligence needed to fully protect you.

In addition to protecting users and organizations by eliminating whole categories of threats, including phishing, Shield enhances outbound protection with a new approach to intelligent business email compromise detection “because our partners need this.”

In terms of privacy, the solution removes trackers from emails, masks MX records, and more, Hathaway says.

“Privacy has been underplayed and a missed opportunity in our industry to better protect users’ data getting leaked by normal email usage.”

Finally, on the productivity side, Shield will stop the onslaught of emails hitting users’ inboxes throughout the day and let them take back control over what they want delivered in real-time and what they may want to see at a more convenient time. In addition, Shield offers a mechanism to automatically correct false positives that Office 365 incorrectly sends to junk mail.

“Shield is a highly integrated system that delivers a one-of-a-kind email experience bringing calm back to your inbox,” Hathaway says.

Shield was announced at DattoCon 2022 in September, with the first launch in private beta for Mailprotector partners followed by a full release later in the year/early 2023. The company has plans to support Google on its roadmap.

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