Mailprotector Awarded “XCellence in Boardroom Execution”

Mailprotector Win Award at Xchange Security

The 2023 XChange Security event in Frisco, TX brought together Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and vendors in an immersive and illuminating experience focused on the latest trends and innovations in the cybersecurity landscape. 

The MSP Experience at XChange Security

For MSPs, attending the 2023 XChange Security event was a unique opportunity to gain insights, network with industry experts, and discover cutting-edge solutions to fortify their clients’ cybersecurity defenses. From informative sessions led by renowned speakers to engaging panel discussions, MSPs gained valuable knowledge on emerging threats, best practices, and innovative risk mitigation strategies. The event facilitated the exchange of ideas, allowing MSPs to learn from their peers and industry leaders, empowering them to enhance their service offerings and better protect their client’s sensitive data.

Mailprotector Xchange Security Booth
Mailprotector Xchange Security Boardroom


Mailprotector’s Email Security XCellence

Mailprotector’s presence and recognition at the 2023 XChange Security event highlight their dedication to being at the forefront of email security innovation. Being Channel-only, they focus beyond delivering superior solutions and actively engage with MSPs to ensure they have the tools and knowledge necessary to build comprehensive email security stacks beyond just the products they sell. Mailprotector is also the creator of Radar, a free email security vulnerability prospecting tool for MSPs. 

Mailprotector’s expertise and commitment to email security were recognized and celebrated at the event as they were awarded “XCellence in Boardroom Execution” with presenter David Setzer, Founder & CEO. This prestigious accolade acknowledges Mailprotector’s exceptional capabilities in delivering high-quality solutions and engaging presentations that effectively address the needs of MSPs. It further underscores the company’s commitment to helping MSPs navigate the complexities of email security.

At XChange Security, Mailprotector had a complete team of experts engaging with MSPs and assisting them in improving their email security. The team offered valuable insights, guidance, and tailored recommendations to meet the unique challenges and requirements faced by MSPs. Through one-on-one conversations, Mailprotector actively worked to help develop comprehensive email security strategies that align with the specific needs of the cybersecurity industry. This face-to-face personalized approach allowed MSPs to gain a deeper understanding of Mailprotector’s solutions and how they can improve their service offerings to provide strong email security to their clients.

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